5 reasons to volunteer abroad with aiesec.

9 Mar 2021
Written by Mariana Manso

One of the programs offered by AIESEC in Slovakia is called Global Volunteer. In it, it is possible for Slovaks to know countless countries around the world, and also for several people of multiple nationalities to visit Slovakia, all with the same goal: to know new cultures and make a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of people!

Here are five reasons to be a Global Volunteer:


1. Contribute to the development of children, youth, and adults in the area:

When carrying out a voluntary exchange, you will be in constant contact with several children and adolescents who, most likely, do not have a quality education or live in less fortunate areas. Thus, based on your participation in their lives, you will be able to share your life experiences and culture with them, contributing to their development and dreams achievement.


2.  Develop the ability to empower others:

Empowering others is one of the four areas developed by AIESEC in the exchanges we carry out. In addition to Empowering Others, the other three are World Citizen, Self Aware, and Solution Oriented. In the case of Empowering Others, voluntary exchange is an incredible experience to develop leadership skills, mainly because it is guiding people and planning daily activities during the experience, in addition to empowering children and adolescents through the positive impact caused on such people and on the community.

3. Meet new cultures, new languages​​, and new people:

While traveling to another country, you will come into contact with new cultures and languages ​​and this will contribute a lot to your personal development! Is there a better way to improve your language skills?


4. Self awareness:

When embarking on an incredible experience as a voluntary exchange, you will know more about yourself from your experiences in the new country. By accepting an individual experience, you will spend more time with yourself: discovering new things, knowing more about your personality, and growing spiritually as well.


5. An addition to your CV:

In addition to all these things, we provide a voluntary exchange experience certificate for you to add to your resume, which will completely enrich your CV and countless doors will open for you from this new experience.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us in this remarkable experience!