5 skills employers are looking for in 2021.

13 May 2021
Written by Alexandra Chinciușan

As I step further into 2021, but still reflect on 2020, I realized that last year turned the “work world” upside down, redefining how professional experiences are unfolding, if being physically at the office is needed or not. This change and redefining also brought to light the most valuable skills that employees developed in order to take on challenge after challenge at the workplace and achieve great results. 

After some extensive research, I compiled a list of the top 5 most valuable skills that employers are looking for in candidates.



Employers love candidates who enjoy learning, nowadays they are looking for candidates who are constantly developing themselves, candidates who are ready to embrace continuous development by improving their skills and abilities. Soft skills, hard skills, advancing those and growing as a person give you a chance to boost your career trajectory.


To embrace continuous learning you can check out online learning platforms, join organizations or associations that offer personal development, or simply read books designed for your preferred area of development.


Emotional intelligence is a skill that is very valued in the current context of the world, staying in tune with your emotions and the emotions of the people around you have become more and more important. Empathy and acknowledging your stakeholders’ emotions will make you a better people person and ultimately help the growth of your career.


To embrace emotional intelligence you can take an assessment to see where you stand and what areas you need to improve. Think of people that are good in the areas that you lack and talk to them, learn things, and ask for tips and tricks. Books about emotional intelligence at the workplace or in the personal life can help you, also.



The years that will follow are going to be years of change and redefinition, being creative will help you find solutions and new ideas to boost your results. Resilience goes hand in hand with creativity, especially when new ideas are not working right away.


To embrace creativity and resilience you can try and give yourself deadlines for when you have to come up with a new idea, change your surroundings, take a breath of fresh air or go on a walk.



Things are changing very fast nowadays, meaning new ways of thinking and of doing things are your new best friends. 2021 is the year of being adaptable to new technology, new collaborations, and especially to growth and development.


To embrace adaptability reading books on this topic can come in handy, watching videos that propose new frameworks for being more adaptable, or consciously trying to be more flexible in the workplace.



Collaboration and teamwork are more alive than ever now. More and more jobs are team-based and employers are looking for team players, proactive people that would bring results together as a team.


To embrace collaboration, learn cross-functionality, try to understand why and how your team colleagues are doing their tasks will help you boost your partnership with them and ultimately make you a better team player.


Now that you know some of the professional skills and traits you will need to be successful in the new normal, it’s time to get to work. But remember, you don’t just have to boost your skills — you have to advertise them. Read our blog article on “How to write a great CVhere!