how to write a good cv.

21 Apr 2021
Written by Mariana Manso

Hello there!


Have you ever found difficulties in writing a good CV? There are so many types and rules to be followed that can get you confused, but we will help you with that!


Even though the way of making your own CV changes around the world, there are a few things that must be avoided, and here are some tips to guide you!


1.Do not add a picture of yourself:
Unless the opportunity specifically requires it, there is no need to add a picture of yourself on your CV. Also, if you have LinkedIn, be sure to use a professional photo in your profile – one that easily shows your face and that you have a professional profile!


2.Make sure to make a CV directly to the opportunity you’re applying for:
In life, we tend to have multiple experiences, but not all of them should or must be in your CV, especially if they don’t fit in the opportunity you want. Make sure all the required and important experiences to that particular job are in your CV and go ahead!

3.One page is enough – know how to use the spaces!
CVs with over one page are most likely to be dismissed in companies. Know how to use the spaces in one page and avoid detailing a lot.

4.Create your CV using black or blue colors and avoid using icons!
There are a lot of CVs with pink font, for example, and they bring an unprofessional style and profile to you. Also, do not use icons or symbols because they also bring an unprofessional profile to you, so no need to use them!


5.Do not put your private information:
Do not share your personal address, for example, in your CV! There is no need of doing this – only add your cell phone number, email, or your LinkedIn profile page!


Hope these tips were helpful to you! Good luck!