Dear Alumni,

This period of time has been and still is, a great opportunity for us to reinvent our processes and create an organization that is more suited to the needs of the current world, addressing the development of youth and the development of the society we are living in.

The innovation of our systems and the redefinition of our relevance in Slovakia requires a period of change that we are currently going through.

The budget of the organization is currently depending greatly on the contributions paid by the local offices, this is why we are asking for your support, to minimize the financial impact on the entity, and allow AIESEC in Slovakia to recover.

We are looking for donors that see the added value of our activities, the relevance of AIESEC for youth and for the society. Every donation counts, regardless of the amount!

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AIESEC was a life-changing experience that has shaped my life today and brought me to where I am. Since I am able to, I feel that I want to give back now in times of crisis. I want the teams not to worry about existential matters and rather focus on transforming the organization in these times of change, to make sure it continues providing such experiences for many decades to come.
Lucia Ihnátová
Member Committee President 13.14
AIESEC in Slovakia went through many changes through its 55 years of existence. Currently, with the global pandemic around us, we are going through another important change, which is going to define the next years to come. The contributions from the Alumni community and supporters of AIESEC can help us to get through this transformation smoothly, creating a valuable additional revenue stream, supporting the current projects and future initiatives of AIESEC.
Lea Benková
Member Committee President 20.21
AIESEC was, is and always will be challenging for every single generation. Nowadays, we are trying more than ever to sustain the organization. Despite the situation, we are developing already known projects and creating new ones to stay relevant for current and future generations and for Slovakia.
Veronika Hanečáková
Local Committee President 21.22

AIESEC in Slovakia's Main Projects:


Online Educate Slovakia

Online Educate Slovakia is a refreshed version of the classic Educate Slovakia volunteering program that AIESEC in Slovakia was running before the pandemic. The non-exchange initiative aims at improving the intercultural understanding and building the World Citizenship Leadership Quality in Slovak children and young adults, by creating an international environment during their online lessons with the help of international facilitators from all around the world. Online Educate Slovakia was run in 27 schools from all around Slovakia, with apx 100 facilitators and over 400 participants

Talking Lab

Talking Lab

Talking Lab is a new project created starting by taking the opportunity to have conversations with an international faci, through which the participants can learn a new language or improve their English by having a series of interactive lessons with focus on communication skills and also grammar and vocabulary.  Through Talking Lab we want to give the opportunity to people to talk in English or other languages, feel more comfortable to interact with foreigners or gather knowledge about a new language. In the first edition we had 10 participants in 2 classes one in Spanish and one in English language.


Youth Speak Forum

Youth Speak Forum powered by AIESEC is a product run by youth for youth. The event empowers young people to understand how they can contribute to the SDGs through short and powerful talks and sparks interest in self-development through skill-building workshops.

This was the 1st national edition of the event and was based on the SDG 8: The main purpose of the event is to create a link between companies & youth form Slovakia by increasing the awareness about each other & taking action steps towards decent work & economic growth. In total 109 participants joined the workshops and talks delivered by 7 partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest impact of the pandemic on AIESEC was the inability to run cross-cultural exchanges, which were our core activity as an organization. We started by cutting all incoming volunteering exchanges for Summer, continued by cutting them also for Winter, and recently we minimized also the possibility to go for an outgoing volunteering exchange through AIESEC in Slovakia.




After living almost one year in a pandemic, we are :


-running only a minimum amount of outgoing volunteering exchanges, that are strictly controlled with safety conditions to make sure our interns are safe;

-working with incoming professional exchanges that are ran partly remote;

-focusing on corporate market engagement with our membership through our national and local portfolio of products;

-running a virtual project focused on cross-cultural understanding in Slovak schools;

-developing other non-exchange activities for the future;

-organizing events on a local level to engage with youth.

Especially in a crisis like this, the world needs more and better leaders that can drive change and a better future for the next generations. This is why AIESEC is still relevant. The organization provides the necessary tools and experience needed for young people to become the leaders of tomorrow. AIESEC in Slovakia in its 55 years of existence created many young leaders who are impacting our country further through their own projects. 

We are physically present in three cities through our four local offices – Banská Bystrica, Bratislava (in the city and in Comenius University) and Nitra, covering other parts of Slovakia virtually. Altogether, there are 80+ members in the organization, including the national team of AIESEC in Slovakia.

If you would like to talk with someone from the national level, you can find their contacts here!


If you would like to talk with someone from the local office in Banská Bystrica, you can find their contacts here!


If you would like to talk with someone from the local office in Bratislava, you can find their contacts here!


If you would like to talk with someone from the local office in Comenius University, you can find their contacts here!


If you would like to talk with someone from the local office in Nitra, you can find their contacts here!