What would you say about an opportunity to learn a new language and at the same time experience multiculturalism from the comfort of your couch?

The Talking Lab project is designed to help participants develop their communication skills in a foreign language and benefit from this experience.

Talking Lab

Learn new language through communication

Develop your current or future career by having a new language in your portfolio. Invest your time in a productive way and build a hobby of learning a language.

Make an impact

Have the opportunity to access a special learning package, which brings you additional value for a better price. You will learn more than just language. Develop soft skills such as team work, public speaking and critical thinking.

Connections with internationals

Learn from the comfort of your couch and at the same time, benefit from multicultural environment. The last but not leastt, benefit from a time friendly schedule.

Packaging of our product

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Become part of our project

Registration & payment from participants

28th of February 2022 - 30th of March 2022

Group division

3rd of April 2022

Project realisation

4th of April 2022 - 29th of May 2022