Why is volunteerism good for youth?

11 Feb 2021

Written by Mariana Manso

If you asked me this before my experience at AIESEC, I would probably answer with obvious words, such as: “volunteer work changes the world and helps people, that’s why it’s so important!”. In fact, it is an undeniable truth, however the importance of carrying out voluntary work or, even, any activity related to volunteering is extraordinarily significant.

Over the years and, mostly, with my experience at AIESEC, I was able to closely monitor and understand, even more, the need that countless countries have in receiving people from all over the world to help in local NGOs and in neediest neighborhoods. In addition to the volunteers acquiring an incredible experience in a country with completely different cultures and people, they have the opportunity and the chance to live all of this and still contribute immensely to the region.

When it comes to this, it is important to emphasize that the experience of traveling to an unknown country, getting to know new cultures and learning a lot about the lives of the people who live in it is extremely enriching and self-knowledge. By doing a voluntary exchange, you allow yourself to get to know the lifestyle of people that you would probably never have contact with if you stayed in your home country.

It is unquestionable how much voluntary work can positively contribute to someone’s life, especially among young people. During our youth, we have ideas, dreams and 

desire to know the world and change the lives of many people who come our way, and there is no better way to do this than to allow yourself, alone or with a friend, to go to an unknown land and find out more about yourself: find out where you want to go, the lifestyle you want to have, the people you want to have in your life and, most importantly, what dreams you want to fulfill – both yours and yours next.

While we are young, we have time. We have countless goals and dreams that can be achieved and achieved through our desire to do differently and to leave the comfort zone. So, why not? Why not embark on a journey in which you will be the main narrator of your own story and, above all, someone indispensable in the lives of many people who will be changed based on your attitudes and the good you convey to them? Believe in yourself, enjoy the ride and the world is yours.